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"VipsGames" (

Fiscal Host: Vips.Systems

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ğŸŽ® Online multiplayer and lucky games
🃏 Blackjack: up to 5 players with bets and color variation
ğŸŽ± 8 Ball Pool: multiplayer with bets and color variation
🤩 Start your own game and define table color and bets
ğŸŽ° Slots: Fruits, Diamond, Vips
ğŸŽ¡ Lucky Wheel: Colorful, Chess, Hypnotic
💬 Chat system with multiple floating windows, per game chat
☢️ Proper account privacy settings
ğŸŽ‰ Extensive friendships system, find players around the world
🔥 Alerts and history systems with jumplinks
😺 Subscribe to users and chat messages
🚀 Gallery allows pictures, audio and video attachments
🏆 Original interface and game assets design
ğŸ˜Ž Colorful themes, global interface zoom, landscape and portrait orientations
💣 Suitable for ANY device with modern browser, set zoom to fit yours
📱 Use your mobile browser "Add to Home Screen" option for instant app access
ğŸŽ 100000 to each new player !

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