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Virginia Ave Dog Park

We're an all-volunteer, local DC community group helping manage the Virginia Ave Dog Park cleaning, maintenance, and collecting funds for supplies to maintain, clean, and support the park in the Capitol Hill and Navy Yard neighborhoods of Washington, DC


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This is the suggested annual donation for community members using the dog park. Your $10 donation buys us about 290 dog poop bags for the park. If ... Read more

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Welcome to the "Virginia Avenue Dog Park partners" group open collective fund raising and expense tracking site for DC's largest public dog park nestled between Capitol Hill and Navy Yard. This is a platform to collect funds, pay our dog park bills, and for us to be transparent about the funds we're raising, how they are being used with the community.

The VADP group is an all-volunteer group that helps maintain and support DC DPR's Virginia Avenue Dog Park, a free, public dog park located in SE DC, between Capitol Hill and Navy Yard.  We are your neighbors and community volunteers, not paid representatives of DPR, who are a self-organizing community group volunteering our time and energy to help organize and maintain the dog park as a safe, clean, public space. 

manages the hard park infrastructure and basic services (water to the fountains, fences, installing trees, benches, sand, and trash can emptying) but requires local community "Dog Park Partner" groups (like us) to self-organize, pay for and to the daily maintenance work including:
  • Act as a local community organizer for DC DPR that supports responsible dog ownership, healthy, and well-trained dogs, along with fun and educational community events
  • Purchasing supplies like poop and trash bags, sanitizing fluids, hoses, gloves, rakes, shovels, and other maintenance supplies
  • Doing the work of trash pick up, sanitizing spraying, filling the poop bag dispensers, ordering and restocking these supplies
  • Fundraising, organizing, and coordinating volunteers to execute all of the previous items
Learn more about us at, follow us on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and please consider donating to help maintain the park!

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