We need your tax information before we can pay you. You will receive an email from HelloWorks saying Open Collective is requesting you fill out a form. This is required by the IRS (US tax agency) for everyone who invoices $600 or more per year. If you have not received the email within 24 hours, or you have any questions, please contact [email protected] For more info, see our help docs about taxes.
10/26 W9 bot

The total amount of the expenses that you have submitted this year to this host exceeds $600. To comply with the IRS, we need you to send us by email one of the following tax forms:

W9 if you are a US person (a US citizen or US resident or a US incorporated entity)
W-8BEN(for individuals) or W-8BEN-E(for companies) who are not a US person.
More info on our wiki.

Note: if your expenses are reimbursements not invoices, please disregard this message.

I already filled and sent you the W-8 form.

10/27 Alanna Irving

Hi Guillaume, thank you for sending your tax form.

For the moment, we are only able to pay via Paypal. Please click 'edit' on your expense, select 'Paypal' from the dropdown menu, and input your Paypal email address (it has to be input this way to work in our system). Thanks!

Hi Alanna,

Thanks for getting back to me! However, there is no 'edit' button on the expense.

Best regards

10/29 Alanna Irving

Sorry about that Guillaume. I've raised an issue to get the edit permissions problem fixed. This expense has been paid.