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Monthly financial contribution to Waasabi OSS Community &...

from Florian Gilcher

Monthly financial contribution to Waasabi OSS Community &...

from Florian Gilcher

Monthly financial contribution to Waasabi OSS Community &...

from Florian Gilcher

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Waasabi Development Update: Chat Integrations

Work has been ongoing on rewriting and finalizing the backend for Waasabi's Chat integration interface and the first plugin, the Matrix bridge written in R...
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Published on March 27, 2021 by Flaki

Waasabi progress update

We have shared a progress update on Waasabi development and the Grant for the Web grant we have received. For those who want to le...
Read more
Published on March 11, 2021 by Flaki


Waasabi is a highly customizable platform for self-hosted video streaming (live broadcast) events. It is provided as a flexible open source web framework that anyone can host and integrate directly into their existing website.

Waasabi's individually selectable, extensible components provide event hosts with functionality for handling sign-ups, live streaming, broadcast recordings and more. Much attention has gone into core features that enable customized content delivery and supporting monetization strategies that help organizers implement their own funding models. Waasabi also integrates with many popular messaging platforms, allowing for linking broadcasts to the community's existing social channels. Through these features Waasabi enables the creation of tailored event experiences in a variety of forms and sizes: from individuals hosting art performances, webinars or gaming broadcasts to more complex online events such as meetups and conferences.

By focusing on quick setup, ease of use and customizability Waasabi aims to lower the barrier of entry for hosting custom live streaming events on one's own website, side-stepping the cost, compromises and limitations stemming from using various "batteries-included" offerings, but also removing the hassle of having to build everything from scratch.

The ongoing research and development of the Waasabi IPFS backend seeks to advance the project's long-term goal of promoting the adoption of owned experiences through the use of decentralized technology. By further cutting down on dependencies, cost and infrastructure complexity this effort aims to enable broadcasts to scale as the audience size grows, which in turn is supporting Waasabi's continued adoption.

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