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Open Collective
Waasabi progress update
Published on March 11, 2021 by Flaki

We have shared a progress update on Waasabi development and the Grant for the Web grant we have received. For those who want to learn more about Waasabi and the current progress check out the full report here — and below we will share a quick TL;DR to sum it up.

Progress Update TL;DR:

  • Waasabi development is going well, we are getting close to releasing the first public release!
  • We have started streaming live development streams over at - drop by live or check out the previous editions in "Replays"
  • Want to test-drive Waasabi for your community before the public release? Send us a DM on twitter or drop by our matrix channel and let us know!

Waasabi has received another grant!

We have also good news on the Waasabi's future development: we have been awarded another grant by the NLnet Foundation! As part of NLnet's NGI Zero initiative we will be adding P2P video streaming as one of the selectable backends of Waasabi. More info on this later as we finalize the grant details.

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