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Let Waffle.io sponsor your next Meetup event.

Waffle.io makes project management more delicious by automating the way work is tracked for development teams using GitHub. GitHub issues and pull requests transform into cards on a board making it easier to plan, organize, and track work across one or many repositories, so developers can stay aligned with each other and the organization they are in without frustration.

Monthly Waffle.io will sponsor up to 2 events. First come, first serve.

  • Available to technical or developer focused Meetup groups located in North America.
  • Sponsorship entails $10/pre-registrant through the Event up to 75 registrants, or $750. *Limit of one Event sponsorship per Meetup group.

*Choose 1 of 2 options:

1)Waffle will send 1 email to your pre-registrants extending access to a free Waffle.io trial.


2)Have our Developer Advocate, Adam Zolyak present a 5 minute lightening talk to open your Event.

To get started:

             Create a Collective for your Meetup group.

             Open an Event for registrants to sign up.

             Waffle will sponsor $10 per per-registrant up to $750.

            If your expect your Meetup Event to exceed 75 pre-registrants and the $750 limit, please contact [email protected] to discuss a custom sponsorship.

Use Waffle.io for Free for your next open source project!