Developer-First Project Management

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Developer-First Project Management

Waffle.io wants to help you bootstrap your meetup community!

Waffle.io wants to help new communities get started and grow! Food, beverages, stickers - whatever you need to get started!

About Waffle.io

Waffle.io is developer-first project management for your entire team, providing a single view of your work on a single board powered by activity that's already happening in GitHub. Waffle makes it easy for developers and other team members to quickly see the status of cards, pull request reviews, CI jobs, and deployments, staying aligned and automating updates based on branches, commits, and pull requests across multiple repos. Waffle helps teams get to done faster with less frustration!

How to Get Sponsored

Waffle.io will sponsor up to 3x organizations per month (max 1 event per organization per month), up to $500 per event.

Waffle.io’s Developer Advocate will present a 5 minute lightning talk at your event about developer-first project management. We’re also happy to share a topic that’s more relevant for your attendees - collaboration with a team of developers, starting an open source community, etc.

We'll also send 1x followup email to your attendees with information about Waffle.io including a discount code.

Sponsorship Details

  • Available to technical or developer focused meetup groups.

  • Waffle will provide $10/per pre-registrant in Open Collective. OR
  • Waffle will provide $10/per checked-in attendee on Meetup.com (note: payment will be made after the event).

Requesting Sponsorship

To get started, complete our sponsorship request form or email [email protected] for more information.

Waffle.io is free for public GitHub projects! Use Waffle.io for Free for your next open source project!