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First Round of Hardship Payments Made!
Published on June 5, 2020 by Tara Mulqueen

Following the initial application deadline on June 5th, we are happy to report that we have processed hardship fund payments for 30 people - everyone who applied in this first round! We paid out funds of ~ £8,300, leaving ~ £2000 to help us kickstart the next round.

It was inevitably difficult to make decisions about how best to allocate the funds. We discussed each application individually. Everyone who applied received at least £200, unless they specifically requested less. From there, we allocated higher payments of £400, £600 and £750 where these were requested based on a consideration of circumstantial factors, including: 

  • amount of income lost 
  • urgency
  • availability of other sources of income or support
  • international status 
  • caring responsibilities 

However, we also recognise that due to a variety of reasons, some may not have been comfortable requesting more than £200. In addition, some may require more funds over the next few weeks. As such, we have invited everyone who applied to apply in the next round should they need to.

We will start a new round of fundraising to support our most precarious colleagues. We are hugely grateful to all those who have donated and enabled us to pay out to every applicant. Please consider donating again, share with others who may be in a position to donate, and inform those who may need to apply that we will contnue to support as many people as meaningfully as we can.