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2022 into 2023 New Year update
Published on January 10, 2023 by Julian Reyes

We had a tough and successful year with all the activities of supporting videoing, editing, releasing police incidents and other relevant news to the Public, as Media.

We supported videographers in Austin and across Texas to do the hard work of the news and police accountability. 

Austin's street Wars by State and local agencies were also well documented by our staff. Soon legal action is bound to be directed towards protecting the rights of the streets. Which defends all our rights. We all live in a Country that is supposed to be ruled by laws to protect us and those without sufficient voice in their governance as well

While supporting all of the above we were still able to file multiple police complaints, push forward on legal matters in the 5ht Circuit. Where Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana all reside under the Federal Law and Constitutional case laws which affect us.

We are watching several cases of interest that support current freedom of press and speech rights in established 5th Circuit case law. Any Citizen that supports the First Amendment, police accountability and justice for all should be watching the Federal 5th Circuit Courts and the Watcher's Collective. 

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We do hope that we will see even more growth in key areas of impact on these issues. We will try to keep expanding our rights and justice for all those that do their duty to video and make public police interactions, especially those where the Citizens are victimized unscrupulously and with malice.  And any felonious police actions, of course. 

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Julian Reyes

Posted on January 10, 2023

Please support this important work of police accountability and justice for all, including those most impacted by police and government abuse and theft of poor people's properties.  And especially the importance of our right to video the police in public spaces.  That is more important than anyone really knows.
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