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Open Collective
The Legal team and actions begin anew! The rubber hits the road and we are in the race, together.
Published on February 7, 2022 by Julian Reyes

We hired our first Civil Rights activist attorney!

Please join us in celebrating our next major step to victory and justice for filming rights.

After a long tedious and energized nationwide search for suitable attorneys to represent us, we now have paid a retainer and signed contract with the Hemming Law Firm to represent our oldest case Reyes v Sebek, et al.  This case was stalled out in the 5th Circuit Appellate Court, pro se. Because we did not have enough legal support and access.

We are more than excited to have this next important step completed.

As we continue to seek filming justice and make space in the 5th Circuit for the free exercise of these rights. Please feel free to follow, subscribe and support our important work from the streets to the higher Courts of law.  And expect major updates as they happen. 

Today was a good day.

Filming is essential.
Filming is your right.
Film the Police.

Julian Reyes, Watchers Defense Collective