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Watcher's Defense Collective - the one's to watch in 2024
Published on January 22, 2024 by Julian Reyes

People of Austin, you should be watching our work, Watcher's Defense Collective.  The one's to watch in 2024!

We are continuing to build our police accountability, transparency and coverage to inform the Public of Police abuses and exercises on the streets of Austin and against people experiencing homelessness.  We are using new technologies all the time, including the new 360 view filming tech.  No one else in Austin is doing this work that we know of, and especially with 360 videos.

And we are covering the APD murder trials and incidents with a critical eye for Justice and Fair treatment of APD's victims and survivors. Like no one else is covering.

We have filed many police complaints and will continue to do this important accountability work.  

We also have fought with the City PIO and APD PIO as they continue to obfuscate Public information and evidence for police and govt. accountability.  We will probably have to litigate the City to make them be transparent.  The City of Austin, Inc. is corrupt as the day is long.  Only legal action can open this can of beans.   We need funding and attorneys, so please support us and refer us to the right attorneys.


We are also involved in a Federal Civil Rights case related to Police abuse and deprivation of filming rights and free speech in the Austin Federal Court.  This is a pattern and practice suit related to the over 12 times the APD has arrested Julian Reyes, Free Press, and then dismissed the cases on their merits, in the interest of Justice.  One case was Innocent by jury trial.  All others were dismissed.  Still APD is trying to proceed on 4 pending cases in 4 Courts that APD is now trying to pursue.  They will most likely be dismissed, although we welcome APD and the City to see us in Court and challenge our Rights to film APD without interference in our rights.  All these cases are important.  And we hope to have the Federal Civil Rights Suit done this year.  It should be epic!  Follow this case online, Justia, Pacer, etc. Case Number 1:21CV0992LY-SH 

We are doing the things that need to be done, no matter how difficult or how long it takes.  Justice is it's own reward.  We will not be free until we can get Justice and until we can flim and protest police without interference or retaliation.  The Police State is growing and we must stand up to it now, before AI and robotics catch up to us and make it impossible to be free and safe in this land.  Time is not on our side.  Justice must be pushed to help people.  We cannot afford to let our descendants, tomorrow's children, become helpless victims of an unjust Police State or to suffer unimaginable persecution by Police.  We must stand up and draw a line. That is what it is to be a patriotic "American" in 2024.

Watch us, support us, send lawyers and money now!

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