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Co-operative, free software based, Internet hosting, sysadmin and DevOps.


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Webarchitects is an ethically based multi-stakeholder Internet services co-operative that clients, partners and investors can join and participate in.

Since 1998 we have been developing, maintaining and hosting servers and websites, coding and customising content management systems and other FLOSS web applications running on GNU/Linux servers. In 2011 we re-established ourselves as a co-op, Webarch Co-operative Limited.

Webarchitects provides hosting services including email hosting, shared web servers, virtual machines and co-location. Members of our co-operative, (see the join us page for details) benefit from access to our members forum and also our GitLab server at

We make extensive use of Bash and Ansible for the provisioning and configuration of our physical and virtual servers and we publish as much of this code as possible on our GitLab server. We are available for hourly based sysadmin and DevOps work.

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