Hi Eugene,

I am trying to setup a payment for you on TransferWise, and when setting you up as a new recipient I am asked to get the following details:

Can you please send me those details so we can get the payment sorted? Just so you know this channel is public so to ensure your information is safe, I would suggest emailing us on [email protected]



8/9 Eugene

Hi Alina,

I dont have a PrivatBank card, which is a totally different bank to the one i have accounts at.

My Phone number: ■■■■■■■■

My card in OTP bank ends with: ■■■

We thought this transfer went through, but Transferwise has returned the funds saying there is a problem with the recipient's bank details. Can you please contact your bank and confirm the info we should be using for a Transferwise transfer? Alternatively can you accept Paypal?