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Open Collective
Call for Participation: User Research on Browser Based Web Archiving
Published on February 16, 2022 by Lorena R.L.

Want to help make web archiving better, safer and more useful for everyone?

We're creating a new archiving format to account for new use cases, workflows, concerns and safety of its users. We're exploring modern practices of web archiving as we design the WACZ format (Web Archive Collection Zipped), and want to understand the ways in which web archiving is practiced today.

We would like to hear feedback, critiques, and comments to help us evaluate the specifications and use cases of WACZ files and browser-based web archives.

Each interview will take approximately 1-1.25 hour to complete. We will use these contributions to help inform a set of design recommendations for Webrecorder that are more resilient to the effects of weaponized design and other threats.

If you're interested in being interviewed, or would like more information first, sign-up using our Google form or emailing us at [email protected]  

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