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Short-term technical WTMG improvements has been archived.

Short-term technical WTMG improvements has been archived and is no longer active.

Short-term technical WTMG improvements


Making technical improvements to the WTMG platform


WTMG recently celebrated its first anniversary! 🥳🥳🥳

It's fantastic to see what impact we made all together. And yet, this is only the beginning. Together, we're making slow travelling the new normal! 🥾🚲🚣‍♂️

Our team of technical volunteers will make several improvements to the WTMG platform in the upcoming weeks. Here's an overview of the short-term improvements we want to make (✅ = finished):

  • Upgrade our map style and tiles on
  • Make the drawer (= the contact garden page) scrollable - which is especially important on mobile - to make sure that the "contact host" button is always clickable for slow travellers ✅
  • Map centering according to the user's location
  • Add filters (electricity, water, toilet, shower, ...) to the map so that it's easier to find what you're looking for ✅
  • Add a search function to the map, what makes it easier to find specific places on the map ✅
  • More technical work:
    • Automatic deploys to staging on every pull request and automatic deploys on commit to master ✅
    • Automated hourly backups. This will give you the peace of mind that if something does go horribly wrong, you can lose an hour’s worth of history at most, at any given time. ✅
  • Create technical solutions for our non-technical volunteers:
    • Create an export button for emails for the newsletter ✅
    • Development of incredibly small and bare-bones dashboard that will let you check the latest data as per the metrics we’ve defined in the past ✅
    • Make it easy to manually verify and change an email address ✅
    • Account deletion cleanup triggers, so that volunteer can delete an account from the Firebase console and it will automatically clean up gardens and private user data in a GDPR compliant way ✅
  • Set up a tool that allows volunteers to easily translate the WTMG platform into new languages. ✅
  • Improve the WTMG chat:
    • Create a link between the chat and garden so that users can easily go back from the chat to a specific garden ✅
    • Add timestamps to messages in the chat ✅
  • Improve the FAQ section
    • Add technical questions to the FAQ ✅
    • Make clusters of questions in the FAQ ✅
Yeah, it's serious stuff! This goes way beyond what we can ask from any volunteer. As these improvements also require a lot of technical expertise, one of our core technical volunteers will be paid for seven days (which is a bare minimum) to make all of this happen.

At the moment, Welcome To My Garden entirely runs on donations, so your donations will directly improve the platform! WTMG is free to use, but not free to operate. Our financials are publicly available on Consider making a donation to keep us going! ☀️

So that’s the price tag for an adventurous summer for all of us - and hopefully many summers to come! Thanks again for joining the ride! 🙏

Happy slow travelling!

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Short-term technical WTMG improvements is all of us

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