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Woodbine Strength

Woodbine Strength is a donation-based gym operating out of Woodbine in Ridgewood, Queens. We are building community and autonomy through collective strength training. All money goes toward improving the gym, equipment, and expanding our programming.

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  • Who we are
    • We are a collective of strength coaches and lifters that are passionate about sharing the art of strength training in an accessible, inclusive and communal form. We started Woodbine Strength to create an environment that exists beyond the limitations of status-quo gym culture. We operate out of Woodbine, an experimental hub in Ridgewood, Queens. 

  • What we do 
    • We offer open gym hours every day of the week where you are always lifting with other community members. We train collectively because we believe physical activity has the power to strengthen connections with each other in addition to one’s own body.
    • One night a week nationally certified strength coaches are available to provide training guidance (See link below for all hours and sign up sheet).

  • Why it matters
    • The training we offer serves as preventative healthcare for our community and is financially accessible through our donation-based model. In a system hellbent on making us sick and alienated, our gym is a step toward taking the physical and mental health of our community into our own hands. 

  • How to get involved 
    • Come lift or simply move your body with us! The gym is maintained through the support of our lifters and surrounding community. Donations ensure that we are able to keep this space alive and ever-improving as a means towards greater community health and autonomy. All donations are tax deductible!

Coached Hours:
Tuesday 6-8 PM 

Training Sign-Up and hours of operation:

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News from Woodbine Strength

Updates on our activities and progress.

What's Update 2023

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Published on December 22, 2023 by RM

2022 End-of-Year What's Update

Woodbine Strength just celebrated its first birthday earlier this month. The past year has been full of strength gains, growth and learning. Here are some of the things we’ve accomplished in the last year - all of which wouldn’t have been p...
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Published on December 21, 2022 by RM

Fundraising For New Equipment

We are trying to raise $5000 so that we can purchase new equipment for the gym! Currently our space is able to host four lifters at once because of the amount of equipment we have. New gear will allow us to accommodate more...
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Published on October 23, 2022 by AJ


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