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Workers Defense Alliance

Workers’ Defense Alliance is a network of working class people and autonomous councils committed to defending one another.


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The Workers’ Defense Alliance is a network of working class people coming together to practice militant rank and file labor struggle and community self defense. We are an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian organization committed to aiding autonomous worker and tenant councils and building and maintaining defense bodies and mutual aid projects. We provide education, mutual aid, and training for workers and tenants in our community.

We are an anti-racist and anti-sexist network that recognizes that an injury to one is an injury to all, and that the liberation of each is bound up in the liberation of all.

Currently, we have a number of working groups. These working groups are affiliated with the WDA, which provides funding and handles administration for them.

Hackers Without Borders
We are a group of people who are interested in technology, information security, making things, and breaking things— in a word, hacking. We are pro-privacy, anti-surveillance, anti-capitalist, pro-freedom, anti-borders, supporters of open-source software, and believers in the right to repair. Our work focuses on education, mutual aid, and supporting direct action.

Twin Cities Solidarity Network
Twin Cities Solidarity Network (TC SolNet) is mutual defense group of workers and tenants. We deal with problems with landlords and bosses, and also help people organize and strengthen unions and tenant associations.
We work to educate ourselves, each other, and our communities about what it takes to struggle and win. This includes studying successful strategies for worker’s rights and housing struggles, and training people in pickets, direct action, organizing, and strategy. We also study labor history, and political and economic thought from a working class stance. 

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