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WriteFreely is a minimalist web publishing platform built in Go. You can use it to create a personal blog that you can publish to from any device, or bring writers together into a digital writing community. Built for the open web, WriteFreely is completely open source, and supports RSS and ActivityPub for distributing your work.

WriteFreely started as a closed-source hosted service called Write.as in 2015, and was open sourced in late 2018. Today, it still powers hundreds of thousands of blogs on Write.as, plus many independently-hosted sites and communities.

As a free software project, we're still young. We're almost entirely maintained and developed by WriteFreely's creator, Matt Baer, with financial backing provided by his company, Write.as. Now, we'd like the project to exist more independently, and use funding from the community to drive future development. Please help us reach this goal by backing the project here!

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