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Facilitator: LaTierra Piphus, Co-organizer at The Womanist Working Collective
Panel Moderator: Jessie Keel, Co-organizer at The Womanist Working Collective

Panelists:  Meet the Helpers
Jaynay Johnson, LMFT
Jaynay C. Johnson, LMFT, is an award-winning teen therapist, entrepreneur, author, and school consultant. She owns Teen Talk, a teen therapy practice and educational hub for parents and clinicians. She is a sought-after speaker on teen emotional issues with features by Parents Magazine, Scholastic, Black Enterprise, Thriveworks, Philadelphia Inquirer, and more. She holds a BS degree from Delaware State University and an MA degree from La Salle University.
e: [email protected]
p: 267-737-8181

Lenée A. Voss
A woo woo jawn since way back, Lenée A. Voss (she/her) is a writer, grief and death doula, workshop facilitator, and reiki master. Her areas of focus include interpersonal relationships, emotions as time travel, and Black cultural production. Learn more about Lenée at or
e: [email protected]

Naomi Geary
Naomi Geary (she/her) is a west Philadelphian born and raised. Namis a newly certified Full Spectrum Doula, focusing on birth and postpartum care. Naomi also babysits and nannies when she can.
e: [email protected]
p: (215) 645-2505

Dr. Saundra Hyman-Bernstein
Dr. Hyman-Bernstein is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and co-owner of Serendipity Associates Mental Health Services, PLLC. She graduated from LaSalle University, Temple University and University of Cincinnati. She provides mental health care and services to the community using a virtual platform.
e: [email protected]
p: 215-701-4782

Dr. Tracey Jones, MD
Dr. Jones is the founder and owner of PsychPhilly, a multi-provider behavioral health practice in South Philadelphia. Trained as both an adult and child psychiatrist, Dr. Jones' philosophy of "treating the whole individual" informs her work with those seeking to get well and stay well.
e: [email protected]

Stanette Lewis-Adkins
Stanette is a stress relief and pain management specialist using massage therapy and reiki practices to encourage alignment and a sense of well-being. Her holistic approach strengthens the mind - body connection by educating participants on their current state and how to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. She plants seeds of empowerment through accountability, self presevation, and artistic expression throughout her community.
e: [email protected] 
p: 610-809-5708
e: [email protected] 
p: 610-809-5708 

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