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Fabien Chereau

Coder, creator of Stellarium, the open source planetarium



Research Engineer, programmer, astronomy & electronics hobbyist.

I created Stellarium as a side project during the summer of year 2000 and dedicated a large time of my spare time on this project since then.

I also worked on astronomy-related research projects such as the satellite Gaia launched by ESA in 2013 and currently mapping the sky, or the ESO science archive facilities.

Recently, after several years of reduced Stellarium activities (busy working for private companies, repairing a house, raising my children etc..), I decided to re-focus on Stellarium: with my brother Guillaume we set the goal of exploring new directions for the project:

  • web version of Stellarium (
  • a much improved mobile version (in progress)
  • telescope controllers projects (in progress)

Since mid-2018, I am the CEO of Stellarium Labs, a 1-person company trying to make a living from these activities.