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Great Lakes - Climate Caravan has been archived.

Great Lakes - Climate Caravan has been archived and is no longer active.

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Climate Caravans are happening around the world from Bolivia and Brazil, to Spain and Indonesia. The Gre Lakes Region in East Afric  will hit the Road this year in April for two weeks. The caravans are intended to bring different youth groups from East Africa under one common agenda of climate activism to lead the frontline against the various climatic injustices. We have 100 youth activists confirmed and ready to hit the road or participate. 

We believe that the youth of this generation have a reason to advocate for climate justice and if we decide to keep quiet we are likely to have no future. It's time to act and we need to see things changing. 

We are having the caravan because of various reasons. 
*EACOP (East African Crude Oil Pipeline). A few months ago the leaders of Tanzania and Ugand  signed an oil pipeline deal in Dar el Salaam. These governments are not looking at the impacts of the fossil fuels rather they are looking at profits. The situation surrounding the status of Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Lake Kyoga is at great risk. All this work of the oil pipeline under the guise of CNOOC international and Total Oil. 
*End Plastic pollution. This campaign has been running around the world for decades and guess what, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have never stopped producing drinks in plastic bottles neither water bottling companies nor plastic producing companies. We all know the impacts of plastic pollution right from the on ecosystem to the industrial carbon emissions. 
*Extinction. As we very much know extinction of animals, plantation  fish species  has been going on long enough and we haven’t done enough to stop it. As we hit the road we want to remind the poachers that killing the famous animals in the game parks is the worst thing to do. Currently there is sand mining from Lake Victoria by foreign companies which has led to rise in the water levels resulting in flooding near water sources and spread of diseases. The government deployed on the fishing lakes so as to chase away the native fishermen which resulted into poisoning of fish species and industrial fishing for famous Nile perch. With such happenings in our country on our watch, it would be absurd for as to look on yet the deeds of these greedy men costs our future and the generation after us 
We are looking at our confirmed number of people (100) but we have hope that many people will join the trail according to the response from various groups we are expectant of 200 people and more. 
We shall be covering 400km from differen  districts These districts cover the route from Western  to Eastern parts of East Africa up to the sourc  of river Nile.
Enroute of the caravans we shall have actions in pin point areas. 
We much appreciate your efforts and love for all types of support to see off the consciousness which may come up from the project.
Love & Rage!

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