It worked! Money should be there in a couple days.

I've added Cyrillic name as well. It is Макаров Александр Сергеевич.

The account number is accepted, but it won't let me past this point:

Alanna Irving, can you try again with info I've added in private note?

as far as I know, Transferwise can not send USD to Russian account. Last time I tried that they were only able to send in RUB.

> I need your name as appears on the account in Cyrillic.

It's not in Cyrillic in case you're trying to do transfer in USD (which is preferred due to bad conversion rates). I've updated info for RUR account in case it's not possible to use USD.

I tried but it wouldn't let me send with the info you provided.

I need your name as appears on the account in Cyrillic.

The account number must be in one of these formats:






We can send the funds with Transferwise. Please edit the payment method to "other" and put your bank account info in the private comment box. Thanks!

Seems I have difficulties with PayPal :( Can we do bank transfers instead? What is needed for that?