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Youth Music Initiative

We combine music making and parkour to deliver a dymanic and engaging courses for young people in Plymouth.


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This collaborative project is based in Stonehouse, with youth music at its heart. The idea brings together the infrastructure and community connection of Leadworks, the Youth network of Plymouth Parkour and the skill set of Kaboom to provide a youth & community music studio that offers a base to write, rehearse, record and play concerts. Presently, there is a distinct lack of music-based opportunities for young people and the mental health community within the area of Stonehouse. This youth music project seeks to fill that void with an exciting program and excellent equipment students can relate to.

Purpose of the Project.
The music program to be delivered is inspired by a recent UK tour of local band ‘Kid Hyena’ who make up the partnership in Kaboom. From September 2021 to November 2022, 'Kid Hyena’ (Kaboom) provided workshops and built a relationship with several communities that operate with the visually impaired, children at risk, refugees, LGBTQ+, children at risk of education disengagement and those from poor areas. This experience helped build on the knowledge already accumulated through years of youth music work in Spain & helped to create a greater understanding of how to work effectively with youth in the UK. Through collaboration with Leadworks and 'Plymouth Parkour', Kaboom seeks to connect with the broader community in Plymouth and engage young people to undertake a 10-week music programme to create their own unique soundtrack/song to their Parkour experience. Funding will be spent on improving and updating the Kaboom studio equipment (such as a computer with recording software & video editing suite, sound card, Microphone & video camera). Essential to this project with 'Plymouth Parkour’ will be the purchase of a sampler to sample street sounds and the sound of Parkour in action, which can turn into beats and music. Funding will also go towards financing the first 10-week pilot programmes featuring ten children. For the pilot programme we calculate after infrastructure costs each children will receive £235 worth of workshop facilitation across ten weeks. There is immense value in this as Matt & Maria of Kaboom have over 30 years combined experience of working with young people in various environments and Plymouth Parkour bring a fantastic focused skill to the collective with many years behind them. With this programme children will receive tuition in a wide range of skills which include support in mental, physical and team work strength. Once we have set up this essential facility, the studio legacy will mean we can continue to work with young people and provide an excellent creative hub in the area. As part of the collaboration, Leadworks will benefit by increasing their footfall and introducing and connecting with new communities in the space, including parents of the children in the project, whom we hope to encourage to come and enjoy the live music events with their sons & daughters performing. The venue area of Leadworks will also receive a facelift to become an inviting focused space for young people that provides an admirable live music setting for the students, who can learn new skills such as sound engineering while participating in the events. The third collaborator 'Plymouth Parkour' will benefit from the project by adding a new, exciting angle to their thriving organisation. We also hope the pilot programme will turn into a long-term collaboration. The longevity of the collaborative participants will benefit immensely as music-making within a group setting is a magnificent tool that helps build different skill sets beyond instrumentation, such as self-confidence, trust, teamwork, leadership & mental well-being. The project aims to provide a safe & expressive space where young people from 'Plymouth Parkour' and other connected groups can benefit.

How our Collective formed
After arriving in Plymouth, Matt & Maria sought a community space suitable for a music studio. After speaking to some locals, they were signposted to Leadworks and, a few weeks later, took on a space within Leadworks, where they have now been situated for 11 months. They have also been running community workshops in Tap dance and comedy Improv’ from their current space. Subsequent discussions between Kaboom and Leadworks about the proposed youth music project led to the introduction of 'Plymouth Parkour' which was presented as an ideal thematic fit to which this project is aimed at. Plymouth Parkour have over the years established a fantastic relationship with many youth organisations in the Plymouth area providing parkour classes for kids and adults, opportunities for local athletes and talent development, youth work, community and culture advance. Their knowledge & skillset in the youth sector will help ensure the project is a great success.

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