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Yt Focus

A distraction free YouTube chrome extension.


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Christian Rudder

The Mind on The Grind!


What inspired the creation of this project was during my winter break where I was trying to get some extra studying in. When I went to YouTube I made it a habit to not look at my recommendation feed, and I would sometimes put my hand over it. I did this because I knew I would get distracted, and I would. Even with that habit, sometimes I'm tying, and then boom, out of the corner of my eye something so wild and absurd catches my interest, or I try my hardest to stay focused typing I forget what I was typing.

So I spent tha last week of my break learning how to create a chorme extension and grinded all the way through until I finished. I wanted to be done before school started, so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore, and so that I could use it. 

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Christian Rudder

The Mind on The Grind!