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We are passionate about using technology to solve business problems

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We are passionate about using technology to solve business problems. We start with the most important task - "understand the business outcome our clients want to achieve". Then put our extensive knowledge of current and emerging technologies to find the most cost effective and efficient way to make the idea come to life.

Some organisations use Z Ware as their additional Project team for those projects that are urgent but can't fit into their timelines. They all know the Z Ware team will deliver the business solution that works - in remarkable speed.

Z Ware has worked on projects as diverse as online procurement systems, end to end customer on-boarding, management and off-boarding solutions, workflow and business process engines, cloud and on premise integrations, mobility systems and many more.

Through Z Ware Development, our goal is to give clients the most thoughtful, agile and efficient strategies for solving their IT (and Mobility) challenges.

We welcome opportunities to discuss potential projects, as well as to exchange ideas about industry innovations or offer related resources.

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