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Open Collective
Dec 2023 / Jan 2024 Member Meeting Notes
Published on January 18, 2024 by Zee Spencer

Ahoy folks!

I keep forgetting to publish things to the News section, because "Community Development" is very much our growth edge and a tertiary priority after day-to-day operations and continued development of the Piikup Marketplace. Thank you for your patience!

Anyway, here's our Jan 2024 Meeting Notes:

And our Dec 2023 Meeting Notes:

- The Marketplace now has a Square integration, which will send orders directly to a Caterers point-of-sale! Huge thanks to Ross, especially as he takes point on getting it integrated with Piikup's clients!
- Moment Park's assets have fully been transferfed to Zinc; rather than being held by ZTI. This means slightly better cashflow from these assets!
- We are planning a 2023 Reflection! If you'd like to participate, Ana has prepared a few prompts for consideration:
- We closed the year with net positive cash flow; but by a hair; and most of those revenue sources are not continuing into 2024; so 2025 will likely be our first negative cashflow year unless we invest in fund-raising

During our NYE party, as April was leaving reminded me that "We're still here."

And we are. We're doing the work to build power and resilience within our community and supplant extractive technocratic capitalist services.

Thank you so much for all your support through 2023, and here's to 2024!