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Open Collective
February Member Meeting Notes
Published on February 22, 2024 by Zee Spencer

  1. We lost ~$6 this month
  2. Convene Highlights
    1. The `Marketplace` Buying `Products` flow is way prettier!
    2. Ross’s work on the `Section#hero_image` is also very pretty!
    3. A `Member` can invite a `Marketplace::VendorRepresentative` to manage their `Marketplace::Products` 
    4. A `Marketplace::Product` can have `#servings`!
    5. I had a demo with April showing the `Marketplace::VendorRepresentative` and `Marketplace::Product#servings` features!
  3. Moment Park Highlights
    1. Cricket has a Dark Mode update and some crash fixes for Cross Process! (But we need to add him to the App Store Connect Account)
  4. Convene's Future is a big question, mostly regarding how we explore it; but we're excited to explore how we can either increase the benefits to our current Client-Owner (Piikup) or fan-out and bring in more Client-Owners (Particularly ones who want eCommerce).

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