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Q2 2022 update
Published on July 17, 2022 by Ana Ulin

Hello everyone!

A heartfelt thank you 💗 for your continued support for Zinc. Here is a summary of our Q2 2022 activities.

If there are specific areas you'd like to know more about, don't hesitate to reach out to us (, We love talking to y'all!

Education Programs

Every two weeks, a collection of folks gather to hone their computational thinking skills by working on test-driven development, story testing, and product design for Convene.  You can read what our participants wrote in their Q2 2022 retrospective Discussion on Github.

Moment Park

Cricket reports: I’ve been trying to resurrect Movie Looks for the past 8+ weeks, but it does not look like It can be done without a full rewrite. The current graphics/video processing implementation is 100% deprecated with no upgrade path after Apple gave up on any flavor of OpenGL and wants us to move to use Metal. 

I've been dabbling with that a bit. I'm unclear as to how much effort it will truly take to recreate the functionality, but I'm sure it's possible. Raw video processing is rather foreign to me. I think I should put this app back on the back burner and check in with the others since they are getting user attention. 

I was hoping to hit EACH app in the Moment Park suite to:
  1. Handle deprecations
  2. Add in tooling to allow more than one person to work on the codebases with ease. (i.e: xcodegen, firebase, etc)
  3. Redeploy for modern phones …

Then go back and add new features while working in unit tests as an ongoing process… But I got hung up on trying to fix a crashing bug in Movie Looks. I'm going to abandon that bug (because it's too friggin' opaque in OpenGL) and see about a small point release for the apps that people are writing to us about.


We’ve continued steadily adding functionality in our weekly coding ensemble stream, which also allows us to connect with community members. Join us most Wednesdays at 5 PM, check the updates on for the latest details on time and stream link.

Since our last update, we’ve added some new features:
  • Themes. Now you can customize the look of your Convene Space to make it feel more yours.
  • Spotlight, a piece of furniture that allows you to add images (including hero images) to your space. We envision Spotlight evolving to allow you to also embed videos.
  • Livestream lets you embed an Owncast or Twitch Livestream into your space.

In addition to these user-visible changes, we’ve expanded our test harness to make it faster and easier for us to verify our changes thoroughly. Finally, we continue refining our architecture to make the process of adding new furniture as streamlined as possible.

As always, you can check out our live instance at, or poke at our code and open issues at


We've done our best to more consistently upload Expenses into Open Collective, so that y'all can see what are we spending our money on. If you want more details, don't hesitate to reach out.

-- Ana, on behalf of the Zinc contributors, maintainers and members