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Q3 2022 Update! Education programs, Convene: Marketplace, Moment Park's iOS 16 Release, and Client Ownership!
Published on October 19, 2022 by Zee Spencer

Education Programs

We had 4 early-and-mid-career developers participate in our each-one/teach-one ensembles between July and September. Our asynchronous Q2 retrospective has wrapped up, and our Q3 retrospective is ongoing.


We continue to refine our approach to building Convene Furniture. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for contributors to whip up a piece of functionality hosted on Convene.

In Q4, we’ll be moving forward with the Marketplace feature, as we work to onboard Piikup, a delivery company for the solidarity economy.

Moment Park

We received reports that iOS 16 broke both CrossProcess and Plastic Bullet. Cricket knocked the CrossProcess update out of the park! Here are some of the kind words from our users!

Thanks a lot for the new version!!!!. So happy to use it again. - S

IT LIVES!! Thank you. ☺️- P

Part of why we started Zinc was to make sure that apps people love can continue on by releasing their source code into the cooperative commons and making what updates we safely can. 


Our Q3 Profit and Loss report and our Q3 Balance Sheet are in the shared Financials folder. As you can see, we’re still on track for a loss this year. 

Client Ownership Program

Client Owners sustain Zinc’s ability to nurture the solidarity economy technology by paying a small portion of their annual income every quarter. Think of it like an “opt-in” tax, which goes towards education and capacity building.

In exchange, Client Owners receive discounts on services, the right to participate in membership meetings, and refunds from profits. 

If you’re interested in becoming a Client Owner in 2023, please reach out directly to [email protected]!