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Zrythm 0.8.604 release
Published on June 26, 2020 by Alexandros Theodotou

**Zrythm 0.8.604 has been released!**

![Screenshot from 2020-06-26 22-49-15 (copy)|690x368](upload://8YuXKIAzXwu1lpAEZ1ytnkXEF3F.png) 

[Download it here]( or [view the whole changelog](

### Added

- Add tempo track for BPM automation

- Time-stretch audio regions in musical mode in real-time

- Add musical mode selection to region context menu

- Add --gdb, --cachegrind, --midi-backend, --audio-backend, --dummy, --buf-size and --interactive command line options

- Add plugin browser context menu to open plugins with carla

### Changed

- Move mute and solo ports from track to fader

- Add initial processor to routing graph

- Routing code refactor: split to smaller files and simplify

- ZrythmApp refactor: split code to Zrythm and ZrythmApp

- Events code refactor: split to Event and EventManager

- Other refactoring to allocate/free resources properly

- Update French, Portuguese, Norwegian translations

- Draw musical mode icon on regions

- Disable region draw caching

- Use cyaml v1.1.0 or above for precise float/double serialization

- UI: make channel slots and sends shorter

- Allow multiple Zrythm instances to be opened

- Use the same naming scheme as native plugin UIs for carla plugin UI titles

- Audio regions are now created at the playhead when creating new tracks

- Use `get_state`/`set_state` for saving/loading the plugin state for carla plugins

### Fixed

- Fix editor quantization

- Fix various memory leaks

- Fix MIDI file export

- Fix mute/solo not affecting the fader

- Fix audio recording

- Fix undo stack initialization when loading projects

- Fix initialization of recorded regions on project load

- Fix issues when resizing audio regions

- Fix crash when cutting regions

- Fix MIDI note positions being global instead of local during recording

- Fix crash when undoing after using the eraser

- Fix double instantiation of plugins when adding new tracks

- Fix range selection

- Fix crash when deleting a chord region