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Zrythm 0.8.694 release
Published on July 19, 2020 by Alexandros Theodotou

Zrythm v0.8.694 has been released!

Changes in 0.8.694:


- Allow routing from chord track to instrument tracks

- Integration test for creating/deleting tracks using Helm

- Add additional checks when tracks are added to the project

- Add shift-selection for selecting multiple tracks or channels

- Add option for level of UI detail (improves CPU usage on lower end machines)

- Show bug report dialog on non-fatal errors

- Add tests for creating plugins and port connection actions

- Make port connections and channel sends undoable

- Show error if icon is not found at startup

- Add authors to credits section in the manual

- Add Guile API for creating sends between tracks, connecting ports between a plugin and a track, and creating tracks as undoable actions

- Add Guile test runner

- Add Trademark Policy for Zrythm wordmark and logo

- Add option to override the program name


- Refactor: add `is_project` to many objects

- Use weakjack on Windows

- Add version requirement on RtAudio dependency

- Only create MIDI notes on track 1 when exporting a MIDI region

- Update German, Galician, Japanese translations

- Print function name and line number in the log

- Open plugins that require the KX UI interface with carla

- Various drawing optimizations (by passing integers to cairo)

- Use configuration file for tests

- Each plugin instance now has its own state directory, including non-project plugin instances

- Save plugin states when plugin instances are created

- Ignore sysex messages from LV2 plugins for now

- Update Guile API docs with more examples

- Catch invalid SFZ/SF2 paths instead of crashing

- Add detailed license information for each icon


- Fix crash when undoing twice after deleting a track

- Fix crash when creating a new plugin fails

- Fix MIDI note offs not being sent at the right time when moving MIDI notes

- Fix issues with initialization of undoable actions when loading projects

- Fix crash when closing Zrythm after resizing an automation region

- Fix automation tracks not being cloned properly

- Fix crash when undoing track deletion with automation

- Fix automation regions not properly duplicated when duplicating tracks

- Fix MIDI file import on Windows

- Fix loading new projects from a loaded project

- Fix an issue with exporting

- Fix crash when connecting a plugin CV out port to another track's balance control

- Fix automation track ID track positions not being updated when moving plugins from one track to another

- Fix passing a project file as a command line argument not working

- Fix crash when moving tracks

- Fix editor not being refreshed when region owner track is deleted

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