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101s card game


Card game to foster cohesion and collaboration in teams, organisations, communities, groups


We've designed a card game made especially for groups of all types: teams, communities, collectives, departments, associations, or entire organisations.

There are many card games out there, but none, to our knowledge, target the cohesion of groups and teams head on.

The game looks a bit like this:

Who will benefit from it?

We designed this game specifically for groups of all types, whether new or established. Some examples: 
  • a team in a development cooperative
  • a project task force of an NGO
  • a high school class
  • a housing community
  • the cohort of a secondary education course
  • an association of somatic practitioners
  • a Facebook group around self development topics
  • a choir group
  • the administration team of a civic centre
  • the organisation team of a festival
  • a women's circle
  • a team of volunteers for an animal shelter
  • a feminist collective
  • a women's basketball team
  • the teachers in a school
  • and many others, probably including your group!
To be sure, the 101s game can be played by any group of people. But the most benefit will go towards those with at least minimal group identity.

We're now playing it with groups in and around Catalonia to increase cohesion and improve communication:

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