More than event-driven Android automation

Make your smart phone smarter: tell it what to do under different situations.

Smart automation

Easer is an event-driven Android automation tool. It knows various events and YOU (the user & device owner) tell it what to do on what events (you can even combine multiple events). Thus, you no longer need to manually perform routine actions, or worry about forgetting to perform them.

More than that, Easer can not only handle Events, but also check for Conditions. This makes things simpler when they can't be seen as Events, and makes it more intuitive.

It doesn't stop here: in Easer, you can pass message from an Event to a Profile. This allow dynamic content to be generated in Profiles.

You can think of Easer as a local version of IFTTT: trigger actions or change settings (Operations, bundled as Profiles) under different situations (Events).

Inter-app coordination

Easer is also a coordinator of inter-app actions (e.g. communications) -- it can send custom Broadcasts upon receiving certain Broadcasts (designed by YOU).

Broadcast (together with Intent) is the way Android provides for inter-app communication and signaling.

Custom Events

You can chain Script (which specifies Events or Condition as well as its Profile) as trees (i.e. setting dependencies), by specifying its Parent. This mechanism allows Easer to (somewhat) create custom Events using Boolean logic (e.g. "and", "or").

Easer is adding the support of Condition mechanism, and is transforming relevant Event to Condition, for better expressivity.

When a node in the Script tree changes its state, Easer will take corresponding actions (e.g. when an Event happens, Easer will load its corresponding Profile and listen to children nodes).

Passing content from Event

By the Dynamics mechanism (a mechanism like macro), Easer can pass specific parts (contents) of Events to Profiles (and their corresponding Operations). This makes the text content in a Profile not limited to static contents, but can change dynamically.

Thanks to the good decoupling, when using this feature, user need to specify placeholder in Profile, and link to Dynamics in the Script.


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