Tracking influencers' opinions

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Tracking influencers' opinions

Agreelist is a non-profit that improves the quality of debates by showing what people think and why, on both sides of key issues.

There isn’t a single source that systematically provides views on both sides of important yet controversial topics, where people can proactively inform themselves and understand where people who disagree with them come from.

Why we need Agreelist

"The biggest problem in the world is not global warming, is not war, but how can we organise among ourselves to make good decisions and carry them out." - Alex Pentland, MIT Professor

"Like everyone, you are totally wrong about some of the things that you strongly believe." - Spencer Greenberg, mathematician and entrepreneur

Unfortunately, many times "we are still more easily persuaded by one clear and concrete anecdote than by data and expert statistical analysis" - Conor Neill, IESE Professor

Accomplishments to date

  • More than 1000 opinions added
  • Features: Anyone can inform themselves by browsing opinions and opinion leaders, which can be viewed per profession or alma mater. Users can add new topics, add if they agree or disagree and why and add opinions from influencers. It is also possible to follow topics and people as well as share opinions on Facebook and Twitter. Agreelist has an API and it is integrated with Wikidata (Wikipedia's structured database) to get influencers' occupations and alma mater
  • Social channel tested with some influencers. E.g. we sent Andrew Ng (Stanford professor, Coursera founder, ex Google Brain, Baidu...) a tweet saying that we had added him to the list of who does and who does not support universal basic income, he read it and tweeted about us. This lead to meaningful traffic
  • 1 user donated so that we would find 50 opinions from influencers on a topic of his choice. He was very satisfied with the quality of the opinions we found, and shared them with his network

Use of proceeds

  • Improve UX / design of the home page and of the interface used to add influencers' opinions
  • Cover costs related to hosting, domain, ssl certificate for https, etc.
  • Add new topics with at least 25-50 opinions each. We need more content to make the platform more relevant and create more traffic (by sharing the content on other social media platforms), and ultimately switch to a model where users themselves generate content like on Wikipedia
  • Cover development costs of new features including notifications on the topics and influencers users follow, improved integration with social media to facilitate sharing and viewing of content, improved integration with Wikidata to enable more data analytics (eg. opinions per influencers' nationality, opinions from Nobel laureates in a given field only), the possibility for users to sign in with other social media accounts (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, etc.), the ability to categorize multiple opinions per person on a topic
  • Add marketing, community, finance and operations capabilities


You can be part of Agreelist by adding new opinions from influencers, by helping us to improve our open source software, and/or by donating. Also, don't hesitate to contact us if there are other ways you can help eg. with UX/design.

In order to donate, you can either click on "contribute" on any of the boxes or on the "make a one time donation" link if you prefer to choose any one-time, monthly or yearly amount. Regular support is what will really help us getting Agreelist to its next stage of development - you can cancel your monthly contribution at any time - but any donation is appreciated! Thank you!


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