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We are expending our expense policy to help you organise online
Published on March 19, 2020 by Xavier Damman

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are extending the scope of the All for Climate UK fund to also cover expenses related to keeping grassroots movements for the climate stay connected.

Beyond printing expenses (posters, stickers, badges, banners, leaflets, …), we will now also cover Zoom subscriptions for groups for which the free account is not enough (reminder: 40 minute calls are free). For those, we will just ask you to hold at least one public zoom call per month and share with us the post on social media that promotes it. Through this we hope to create more opportunities for all initiatives to learn from each other.

Beyond this, we would love to hear from you . How can we best help you in those difficult times? We believe it is important for movements for the climate to stay connected so that we can be ready when the time will come to rebuild our world in a sustainable way. Please chime in the conversation.

Our goal remains to help grassroots initiatives for the climate emergency with their structural costs without getting in their way and without heavy application or reporting process.

Thank you for sharing the existence of this fund to the different grassroots groups for the climate emergency that could benefit from it 🙏 

Take care of each other ❤️ 


What do I need a Zoom account for?

There is already a pretty good free account that you can use for calls up to 40 minutes. If you go over it, people can simply reconnect to the same zoom URL.

A pro account is useful if you have regular 40mn+ calls and if you need the ability to record some of those calls.

Are you reimbursing the yearly or monthly Zoom subscription?

The monthly subscription. So you will need to file the expense every month and add as a comment a link to the social media post where you shared the link to a public zoom call that month.

Are you also covering subscriptions to other tools?

Zoom is the most obvious one. But there’s got to be other great tools that could help you. Please start a conversation to share them and we will consider also reimbursing their cost if necessary.