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Alycia Kamil is a 21 year old multi-medium freedom fighter from the south side of Chicago who uses the power of words to create movements and spark change. Alycia has been doing on the ground community work for the past 6 years, from being involved in gun violence prevention organizations, starting a mutual aid initiative that provided almost over 100 families with free groceries at the start of the pandemic, to being the creator of their own abolitionist based resource hub, Undoing Our Erasure. UOE, born in 2020, is a podcast turned workshop series that cultivates the building blocks needed to help us achieve our Black liberated future, as well as providing a platform to Black voices across the diaspora that are typically silenced. For the past two years they have been creating curriculum, facilitating workshops, running seasonal book clubs, hosting free pop up stores, and just recently creating interactive programming that will assist writers in their creative endeavors. Aside from their organizing efforts, Alycia has spent the last decade of their life engaging in performing and visual arts, they are a spirited and soul guided singer, actor, and dancer. They co-run a beaded jewelry business named, Watabeads which emphasizes the ancestral importance of storytelling through a myriad of beading styles to pay homage to our Afro-Caribbean descendants. You can access their other forms of mediums through their newly birthed art page, In My Mothers Home. Alycia’s work, as well as accounts about their work, can be found in publications such as City Bureau, Chicago Suntimes, Block Club Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Teen Vogue, NPR, and USA Today.