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existing as an all around resource to tend to the community through radical love, care, and education.


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allowing youth the outlet to express themselves through art
providing young Black kids between the ages of 13-18 with a book kit of all things related to mov...
providing resources to those in need
book project for radical educational purposes

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Here's what we've been up to!

Hello everyone, just wanted to give some updates on the work we've been doing! Always grateful for the funding & donations- they allow this work to continue! We've been able to expand two different programs & we're getting ready to...
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Published on September 13, 2023 by alycia kamil moaton

Updates for 2023

Hey community! Dropping by to give some updates on the work we’ve been up to and what these next few months are going to look like. Since the summer we’ve been doing a myriad of mutual aid services thanks to a grant provided by @crossroadsf...
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Published on January 6, 2023 by alycia kamil moaton

Radical Essentials for the Youth Art Kits

Here is an update on what we've been doing in these past couple of weeks! Introducing the art centered kits of the Radical Essentials for the Youth initiative We will be providing FREE art supplies to youth between the ages of 12-18 in the...
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Published on December 13, 2022 by alycia kamil moaton


Undoing Our Erasure, a movement work based resource hub was created at the start of the pandemic in 2020. It was birthed by Alycia Kamil, a multi-medium freedom fighter from the south side of Chicago, with the intention of creating space for voices that live throughout the diaspora, that typically are silenced. Within the past 2 years a lot has changed, and what started off as just a platform to uncover the stories of those who have been erased- has now transformed into something much bigger. Through Undoing Our Erasure a myriad of programs have taken shape, what started off as just a podcast series has now grown into many avenues. From facilitating workshops, to hosting free pop up stores, running month long book clubs, and providing writing workshops, we’re ready to expand the kind of resources we’re offering to the members of our community. Mutual Aid plays an integral role in keeping our community members safe. Access to food, clothing, housing, and other essentials to livelihood should not be a challenge, so within these efforts we are creating straight to the point solutions. It’s hard to enjoy the interactive programming we offer when you are faced with financial burdens that distract you from engaging in soothing activities. You can’t start on your creative endeavors if you’re worried about how to keep your lights on. You won’t be able to participate in healing centered events if you’re worried about transportation there and back. Mutual aid is an everlasting transformative and healing practice that shouldn’t just stop once you send money to someone. Within the Pass it On program, we will also help connect applicants to other resources so they can avoid financial blockages later on down the line. When requesting funds, applicants will be able to add what other wrap-around services they might need- connecting them to jobs, helping them get set up with therapy, etc. Full transparency of the funds, and where they are going will also be practiced within this program. That’s how we create a culture of honesty, and the proper way we give back to community members. The Undoing Our Erasure’s Pass it On mutual aid program will be providing immediate funding to Black Indigenous, and other non-Black POC who are in need. From paying off phone bills, other utilities, providing funds to buy groceries, having money for transportation, or buying essentials needed for around the house. This program will provide monetary relief to all common stressors everyday people face.  If you have the extra money to give to someone in need, pass it on. This program will work to set a culture in organizing environments on how important it is to make sure you’re always looking out for others. While we’re still existing in the midst of a global pandemic with no more financial assistance from state entities, it’s up to our community members to make sure no one is left behind. 

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