Bring more people onboard the core team to help with various aspects!

While the project creator wears many hats, a game project is not usually something that can be properly tackled by a single person on all areas, so the creator can definitely use some reliable and professional help in all the areas to make sure things are running smooth and that the project is constantly evolving, being more polished and optimized with every release (which should happen rather often), having less bugs, getting all the features that it needs and making sure that the artwork, animations, music, sound and visual effects are of very high quality.

Show that you care and you'll also get credited in the GitHub project's README.md file and within the game too!


Goal $2,500 USD / mo.

Amount raised

$50.00 USD / month

Still to contribute

$2,450.00 USD / month


1 individual has contributed to this goal

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$1,050 USD

$2,500 USD / mo. goal

$50 USD / mo. raised (2%)