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Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi inspired web UI made easy. Get augmented.

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Ariel Castro

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from W4G12/26/2020


Financial contribution to augmented-ui

from Ariel Castro9/25/2019


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Such an amazing library! You won't believe how many hours I've spend trying to hack together a similar UI. This makes it a breeze!

Ariel Castro
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high tech, low effort

augmented-ui is just CSS.

  • Futuristic, cyberpunk and sci-fi inspired UI shaping for any element
  • Add the "augmented-ui" attribute to equip the augs, and a few CSS settings for each one to make it feel just right

Namespaced to avoid crossing wires.

  • All custom properties begin with "--aug-"
  • Selectors only use the "augmented-ui" attribute
  • Automatic fallbacks and feature detection.
  • Full support with v1.1.0+ has a global user reach of ~91%!