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Next Generation Web Apps

Aurelia is the front-end framework that works for you!

Are you tired of learning a new, complicated JavaScript framework every year as old players throw in the towel and five others rise from the ashes? Aurelia is the modern front-end framework that provides stability and ease-of-use while staying out of your way. Using convention over configuration, Aurelia provides you with all the tools to build a cutting-edge web application using the same standards-based JavaScript with the same patterns that you already know and love. Get back to coding!

Modern JavaScript

Rather than being a monolithic framework, Aurelia is broken down into a collection of feature-oriented modules. Examples of feature modules include metadata, dependency injection, binding, templating, router and more. Each module is written using ECMAScript (aka JavaScript) or TypeScript (a strict superset of JavaScript that adds compile-time type checking). Many of these modules can be used individually in any type of JavaScript project, including Node.js.

A Powerful App Platform

While Aurelia's modules can be used for many purposes, their true power lies in using them together as a front-end application platform. If your end goal is to create rich, engaging experiences for your customers, meeting or exceeding what is found in modern native applications, Aurelia provides the means. Through its rich component model, dynamic UI composition, routing and extensive set of plugins, Aurelia provides a comprehensive set of capabilities and tools to build any front-end experience you can dream up, whether you're targeting the browser, mobile or desktop.

Open Source

With all the power and capability that Aurelia offers, you might expect it to have an expensive licensing model or be closed source, but neither is true. Aurelia is free and its code is open sourced under the MIT License, a very permissive license used by many popular web projects today. Its starter kits and documentation are available under the Creative Commons 0 license. It also has a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) for those who wish to join the core team in working on Aurelia. Ultimately, this means that you can use Aurelia without fear of legal repercussions and we can build it in the same confidence.

Web Standards

Not only is Aurelia written with ECMAScript and TypeScript, but it's also designed to make careful use of the DOM standard. Rather than Aurelia utilizing a costly abstraction over the DOM, implementing its own custom HTML parser or adopting framework-specific JavaScript extensions, it leverages the latest DOM APIs to get "bare metal" performance, exceptional memory efficiency and all while staying synced with the continuous improvements of the browser platform itself. Additionally, Aurelia's component model is based on W3C Web Components HTML Templates and ShadowDOM, so you know it will stand the test of time and will enable you to evolve your application along with advances in the standards, without major application re-writes or framework churn.


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