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AXBoot Framework provide A to Z for Modern Web Application with Java & HTML5

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What is AXBoot Framework?

Full Stack Web Application Development Framework

AXBoot makes it easy to build web applications with Java HTML5 Repeatable and noise development process are resolved by AXBoot. Furthermore, AXBoot provides the Layout system, Web UI Components, Prebuilt Common Business Service, so you can concentrate on your business. Develop enterprise web applications fast as never before with AXBoot Framework

Getting Started

AXBoot Offical Site > AXBoot Offical Site

AXBoot Demonstration > AXBoot Demonstration Site

AXBoot Initialzr > AXBoot Project Initializer (like Spring Initialzr)

AXBoot Documentation > AXBoot Documentation (now, Korean only)

AXBoot UI Framework > AXBoot UI Framework Documentation (now, English only)

AXBoot User Group > AXBoot Facebook User Group (QA or Communication)


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