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BalmJS is the universal Front-end workflow solution for web applications.


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BalmJS prescribes best practices and tools to help you stay productive.
  • Naturally: Make web development simple, natural and pleasant.
  • Structure-Based: One configuration file can manage webapp projects with at least 90% use cases.
  • Learn Once, Run Any Webapps: Any front-end technology stack will be developed and built in the same way.

BalmCLI: BalmJS scaffolding tool for modern webapps

BalmUI is a modular and customizable Material Design UI library for Vue.js.
  • Enterprise-class UI designed for web applications
  • A set of high-quality Vue components/plugins/directives/utils out of the box
  • Powerful theme customization in every detail
  • Integrated a complete set of the latest Material Icons
  • All components and plugins is highly customizable, and can be used individually

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