Between the Wires

An interview series featuring the builders of developer products.

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Between the Wires is an interview series featuring those who are building developer products. Our mission is to spread ideas, encourage innovation, and offer a behind the scenes glance of the people behind well-known and impactful developer products.

We have always been passionate about developer tools and open-source, but felt that the community was missing the raw details and inside scoop on what it takes to build a valuable developer product from the ground-up. And so we started this passion project in October 2016.

Our goal with this interview series is to share experiences that are often hidden behind a product or GitHub repo so that everyone, including aspiring makers, can learn from them.

We began with three posts:

The initial feedback has been great and we feel encouraged about the series’ future. Developing these highly-polished interviews is a labor of love though, and requires a good deal of time as well as cost. For example, for each interview, we spend about 12 hours studying the candidates, completing the interview, taking the picture, editing and polishing the transcript, and finally publishing and promoting. Our labor is going to be free because it is a passion project, but we do need to look for community contribution to cover expenses such as transcribing, copy editing, camera equipment rental, and a few miscellaneous fees.

Our goal is to do two interviews each month for the remainder of 2016 and for all of 2017.

Thank you!


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