Open Collective Host

US C corp to temporarily host open collectives before they have a proper host


US C corp to temporarily host open collectives before they have a proper host

Until we can find you a proper host, we can host your collective temporarily on our own US based C corp (if your application is accepted).

We are hosting 76 collectives

Cloudflare Collective
Helping to build a better Internet
Rails Girls Atlanta
Rails Girls Atlanta empowers women of all skill levels improving their software …
Pia Mancini Collective
I was honored to receive a $5000 flash grant from Shuttleworth Foundation to support …
Between the Wires
An interview series featuring the builders of developer products.
We are an informal group where people can talk about work stuff with people who …
Tech superheroes using our powers for good.
Charlotte Devs
The super welcoming community of developers in Charlotte
Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program
We are raising money for a "hardship fund" which would mitigate some of the financial …
AVL Futures
Empowering community cooperation for a fair and sustainable future in Western North …
Promoting knowledge and use of Node.
Internet Freedom Festival
The **Internet Freedom Festival** (IFF) is the global unconference of the Internet …
Docker Noumea
An open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins.
Internet Freedom Festival Swag
Grupo de usuarios de JavaScript en Lima, Perú.
Queen City Hacks
Tech meetup group in Western Maryland
We are running an instance of the federated microblogging service Mastodon, at https://mastodon. …
Michigan Python
An open-source Python developer group based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan
We plan to regularly have talks ranging from beginner to advanced topics, as well …