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Travel Equity / Equidad de Viaje is transitioning to a new Fiscal Host

Travel Equity / Equidad de Viaje cannot receive contributions at the moment. This page will be updated with more information once the collective transitions to a new Fiscal Host.

Travel Equity / Equidad de Viaje


Fondos para asistir a B!B! / Funds for people to attend Bike!Bike!


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La equidad de viaje es un ejercicio basado en el apoyo mutuo, solidaridad y co-aprendizaje dentro de Bike! Bike!. Se recaudan fondos para que personas y colectivas trabajando en proyectos comunitarios de bicicletas puedan asistir a Bike!Bike!. El dinero recaudado en este fondo será destinado a cubrir transporte y facilitar procesos migratorios, con visas, etc. 

¿Cómo puedes apoyar?
  • Contáctanos si conoces a alguna persona y/o colectividad que quisiera acceder los fondos.
  • Organiza un evento para recaudar fondos en tu comunidad.

Travel equity is an exercise based in mutual aid, solidarity and co-learning within Bike Bike. Funds are raised so people and collectives working with community bicycle projects can attend Bike Bike. Any money raised towards this fund will go towards covering transportation and facilitating the migratory process, with visas etc.

How can you support?
  • Contact us if you know any people and/or collectivities that would like to access the funds. 
  • Organize an event to raise funds in your community.

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