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Brooklyn Harm Reduction Outreach Cooperative is transitioning to a new Fiscal Host

Brooklyn Harm Reduction Outreach Cooperative cannot receive contributions at the moment. This page will be updated with more information once the collective transitions to a new Fiscal Host.

Brooklyn Harm Reduction Outreach Cooperative

We provide harm reduction supplies and information to underserved and marginalized communities in Brooklyn.



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This fund goes towards providing fentanyl test strips, reagent kits and other testing supplies

Brooklyn Harm Reduction Outreach Cooperative is all of us

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News from Brooklyn Harm Reduction Outreach Cooperative

Updates on our activities and progress.

Fiscal Sponsor Update

Hello all, Since our last update we have been informed by our fiscal sponsor Open Collective Foundation that they will be closing down and we will need to find a new fiscal sponsor. As we navigate the process we will not be able to accept a...
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Published on March 13, 2024 by Heaven Ender

2023 Annual Update

We were asked 3 questions about our year from Open Collective, here is our groups reflections on these questions. 1. What did you accomplish during 2023? How did you use money? 2023 was our first full year for our organization! This year we...
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Published on December 22, 2023 by Heaven Ender


 Brooklyn Harm Reduction Outreach Cooperative is a network of volunteers made up of nightlife workers and patrons, artists and performers, as well as concerned members of the local community committed to reducing stigma around drug use and increasing access to life saving resources and information. We provide free harm reductions supplies and services including fentanyl test strips, reagent testing kits, Narcan/naloxone, sterile syringes, and other safer use supplies, needle exchange, safer use information, connections to programs for drug counseling or rehabilitation, and outreach to local unhoused neighbors. 

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