Open Collective Foundation 501(c3)

This is the host organization for the charitable mission collectives.

What do we do?

The Foundationโ€™s mission is to promote projects in the US with the following charitable purposes:

  • increasing access to educational resources and training,

  • creating a positive social impact and

  • developing tools to improve civic participation within cities or communities.


With the advance of technology and the movement towards a society where people work together to enhance and develop the future, there has been an increase in the number of organizations and groups that are coming together to promote education.

Examples of Collectives in this category are: Rails Girls Atlanta Code Buddies, Society of Lady Makers Women Who Code and Operation Code.

Social Impact

The Foundationโ€™s social impact purpose will be aimed at finding ways to 1) eliminate prejudice and discrimination, 2) combat community deterioration, 3) decrease juvenile delinquency, 4) serve the less fortunate or distressed, 5) serve to prevent animal or child cruelty or 5) create a positive impact on society.

Examples of collectives in this category are SF Art & Film Consciousness Hacking, Refugees Got Talent and Universal Basic Income Europe

Civic Participation

We will sponsor projects aimed at fostering civic participation, democratic debate, rebuild community ties and strengths.

Examples of collectives in this category are Civic Innovation Network and Democracy Earth

Join us!

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