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Open Collective
Open Meeting Notes 1/11
Published on January 24, 2023 by Sawyer/Saoirse

Howdy BKTC!

Here are the full meeting notes to our all-ages meeting at Chaos Computer on 1/11! We gathered at 5pm for a hot meal and met from about 5:30 to 7:00, followed by a killer show! More than 60 people came to the meeting, and even more folks rocked out that night!

Here's the notes:


  • Self-defense and wellness trainings
    • Focusing on community responses, de-escalation (brought up @ last meeting)
    • with Lara Americo (of Tiny Gym) and Secure the Bag
  • Is there anyone who is a trained medic?
  • Yovi: forming a focused subcommittee on crisis response?
    • Ex. What are we responding to as a room? 
    • Skills like: what to do if police, how to respond to/not participate in a fight, etc.
    • Anya has mental health experience, can help in the committee
  • Paige: providing clothes for Brooklyn Transcore, using pre-existing org resources to do so  free store 
  • Julieta: solidarity BINGO fundraisers, ex. For Yovi, Plush, etc.
    • Makes it easier to contribute what you can and destigmatizes giving small amounts.
  • Future events! Ex. Bluestockings Acoustic Showcase on Friday, w/ mutual aid clothing drive
    • Show on the 19th! Cool ppl involved (yovi, sandy, sasha, august) 
    • Mave: show on (?? Get info) 
    • January 20th Purgatory  planning a hardcore show w/ TDA and other cool trans bands 
    • 19th, Bun Babies playing Battle of the Bands (edit: THEY WON!) 
    • Trans Voices Cabaret, Green Room, Feb 5, Manhattan 
    • Tui playing two shows later in the month, 18th and 21st 
    • Hardly Fits doing a show on Saturday, all-ages in Rockaway 
    • Saoirse’s birthday show, Project Reach, Feb. 18th 
    • Ekko Astral, Crush Fund and the Dilators, January 21
    • Punk Island/Urbano Street benefit at Purgatory, January 29
    • Chaos Computer with Timeless Clock, the Dilators, and Irrevery, January 31
  • Fernfest
  • Fundraising for Punk Island in the summer
    • we need big top tents, backline, sound person, and travel expenses for potential headliners 
  • Zines/finding trans artists/etc
  • Open Collective
  • Ash: knows trans woman who does medic training (!), can create grant-writing groupchat 
  • Lumio forum; can create threads (?), join via invite link
  • Sandy: music education initiatives, finding ppl in the scene who should be receiving lessons
    • Sliding-scale/free lessons, ppl who have more $$$ can pay 
    • Are there any other music teachers in BKTC?
  • Gab: from Bun Babies, drummer needs a full drumset (how do bands contact other bands who can help?)
    • Evelyn: easiest to get guitars rn from BKTC official, this might change eventually 
  • Long-term: how can ppl put in requests and get them filled?
  • Yovi: mutual aid outreach for sex workers; relatedly focusing on community defense for sex workers as a BKTC initiative
    • Benefit show for TDOV/TDOR? 
  • Juno: Creating digital resource to share experiences in diff. venues, nightlife stuff etc  possibly in the Lumio forums, ex. Safety of different venues
  • Anya: queercore fanzines available to purchase!!!!!! NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds)
  • Merlin: also makes zines!!! Working on physical accessibility in music stuff (probs also a good subcomm to form as BKTC in some form)
  • Rox: doing film stuff, including for concert tonight!
  • Baltimore zine initiative, DC, ASHEVILLE, NOLA?
  • Mia: things happening in the Bay rn, wants info abt bandstuff and related musicstuff
  • Eliah: wants to compile all things bktc for archival (how to do so…)
  • ???: some sort of compilation, anthology, etc. 
    • Saoirse: there was an older compilation (?), older zines etc.