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Bay State Design Shop is pretension-free community for New England-area designers—we’re a place to talk shop, hone your craft, and lend a helping hand.


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Bay State Design Shop—or, BSDS—is a design space free of ego, pretension, and any of the ivory tower nonsense that’s deleterious not only to the design industry as a whole, but to the human relationships that constitute it. The BSDS is an all-invited potluck supper for the creative community in New England, where we’re building a longer table, not a taller fence.

With nearly 1,000 members, BSDS is about all facets of design—talking shop, making friends, getting feedback, lending an ear, and using creatives skills to help communities. Members have taken it upon themselves to host design challenges, portfolio reviews, community film nights, educational field trips and more.

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