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Caitlin Waddick

City and regional planning. Environmental policy. Human exposures to pollutants. Prison abolitionist. Anti-racist.

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Make polluters pay. Reduce toxic exposures. Food sovereignty. Cooperatives. Climate justice. Organics. Slow food. Slow money. Solidarity economics. Financial democracy. Permaculture. Regeneration. Climate adaptation. Racial justice. Detoxification. Civic agriculture. Conflict resolution. Nonviolence communication. Restorative justice. Community-based herbalism. Health freedom action. Nonviolent action. Interconnectedness. Humanization. Worker ownership. Expanded beingness. Biodynamics. Sacred feminism. Balance. Unitarian Universalism. Buddhism. Yoga. Spell casting. Body awareness. Spark joy. Bioenergetics. Energy medicine. Energy medicine yoga. Localism. Open your heart.