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We're a group of entrepreneurs, co-operators, activists and changemakers, looking to engage our community in the upper Calder Valley to co-create our next economy.

Have you got an idea for a project that will build resilient and sustainable livelihoods? Do you want to take control of an important local asset and run it for the benefit of your community? We’re giving you the opportunity to kickstart or strengthen your project. We can host your collective until you decide to have a formal structure and bank account, hold grants and respond to funding requests.

It’s tough out there. The economy isn’t showing much sign of getting back to ‘normal’ after the crash is it? For sure, lots of our local businesses are open again after the floods, a tribute to our local resolve and co-operation. But still, many people are feeling the bite of austerity, low wage jobs, debt and turbulent political times while they watch the shrinking wealth get concentrated into fewer hands.

Do you think perhaps we need a different approach to economics? A post-capitalist, low-carbon vision for a new, just, sustainable economy where the people matter? One that really helps us take back control?

Picture our local community, secure and prosperous, resilient from the financial, political and ecological shocks in the country and the wider world. Imagine a Calder Valley where the economy is comprised of hundreds of small co-operative enterprises with social, sustainability and resilience aims at their core. Imagine being part of one of these enterprises, where your community and co-workers support you and the enterprise and in turn, your enterprise supports others and the local population.

We can make this a reality, if we foster an economy of mutual self-help between the existing and new enterprise – a solidarity economy. Calderdale has a proud history of co-operation and co-operative businesses. It already has the greatest concentration of Co-ops in the UK and they can act as a catalyst to kickstart other social enterprises into being and help them grow.